The man is sad ’cause he doesn’t know why
His Muse left him without saying goodbye.

They were so beauty they loved each other
What’s more she was their only child’s mother.

He doesn’t even know, where did she go away,
He doesn’t even know where she’s gonna stay.

He’s crying ’cause he loved her, as his own wife
’n’ promised that he’ll be with her in his whole life.

He just said and said: „She’ll be here soon”
On many starry nights while watching the moon.

The door opened slowly, and she stepped in,
He could feel the love a second within.

I love you – she said – I don’t know what to say
I’m very sorry that I left you that day.

He didn’t say a word just kissed her twice
The true love made him definitely wise.

She promises that she will never make
In her elder days such a big mistake.

They are happy, by now their boy became clever
They will live in happyness forever.

2008 – 2009, akárhányszor beleolvasok változtatom 😀